A shortage of some key raw materials increases the prices of products

Euroresins announce price increase

During the last weeks, our suppliers of  Polyester resins, gelcoats and organic peroxide have been facing a dramatic cost increase because of the global shortage of some key raw materials.Euroresins has been able to delay the increase to the market as a sign of our strong commitment to our customers.It is with regret that we are now forced to inform you that we are passing the following price increases which will affect all orders invoiced on or after 1st October 2017. The price increase will afect to: Resin,gelcoats&Bonding Pastes € 0.10 kg, ISO NPG Gelcoat €0.30/kg; Organic Peroxides € 0.15 /kg; Organic Peroxides 0.15 €/kg. We would assure you that we will continue to do our best to stabilize our prices and minimize the impact on your business. Mauro Abagnale- Managing Director Euroresins International GmbH