Four principles are the driving force of our business model

Living Composites, our passion

The relationship with our suppliers is a key element to our global strategy of supply chain. This allows us to offer our clients the best solutions concerning composite materials. Among our partners there are outstanding companies such as SIR Industriale, Poliya, Jushi, United Initiators, Composites 3A, Lantor and Solvay.

Leading the way in chemical distribution services

Our market expects prompt, reliable, safe and efficient solutions. Euroresins keeps its place at the forefront as a supplier of global solutions in the composite sector since we fit the requirements of our clients thanks to the close relationship our qualified staff keeps with them, together with the support of our expertise and knowledge of the supply chain.

Ideal partner for chemical distribution

Working together with our sister company, Amethyst Global Freight, we are able to provide cost effective but quality freight solutions for the composite market. For further information on our freight and logistics offering please download our Logistics Solutions brochure here.

Getting together premium solutions, suppliers and clients

We have always offered actual differences that provide our clients with an added value in the current industry. We are aware that the key to success stems from a good service to clients and, thanks to our sales teams and specialized technicians, supported by our premium suppliers, we will go on offering high quality solutions and the latest innovations.

Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy

Euroresins provides products that not only improve the activity of our clients, but also diminish their environmental impact because of the greater energy efficiency and the highest industrial productivity that our products help attain. We are aiming at reducing the use of energy, water and materials, maximizing residue recycling, eliminating hazardous materials and rationalizing our logistics and packaging.