Helping TGM to develop a unique and innovative building façade system

INDUPOL Case Waiting to develop a new cost-effective composite façade system for office buildings, construction company TGM involved INDUPOL, Euroresins, Aliancys, Büfa and Solico very early in part design. The successful collaboration has resulted in the creation of novel constructions technologies and a great composite façade project example with a unique shape and design. The […]

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Aliancys, Euroresins, Tankwell and Den Hartogh increase payload and reduce freight cost with composite tank containers

CASE Atlac 5200 FC With the increasing competition in European road and intermodal transport, all transportation carriers are looking for opportunities to increase payload and reduce freight cost. Den Hartogh Logistics has introduced in its fleet operations a new type of composite tank containers, that allows reducing freight cost per trip by 5 to 10 […]

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