Cleaning Agents

Euroresins International group offers a product range of effective solvents including styrene, acetone and non-flammable solvent (eco-friendly solution) to clean the used tools, moulds and machines. Additionally we offer Estakleen ™, an innovative, sustainable clean-up solution that combines excellent performance and high cost effectiveness with environmental sustainability.

  • Solvents
    Product Category Product Name Remarks Product information
    Solvents (Flammable) Acetone General purpose solvent
    Styene Reactive monomer used to lower viscosity in resins, gelcoats, bonding paste and for cleaning
    Solvents (Non-Flammable) Eco Friendly solutions Rhodiasolv® Iris Innovative oxygenated solvent with excellent eco-friendly properties, designed for various applications such as industrial cleaning, resin clean-up,paints and coatings formulations.It is non toxic, readily biodegradable, non flammable and a non VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) solvent in relation to EU legislation (1999/13/EC) and US legislation (CARB/ EPA 40FR 59.203(f)1). PDS
    Estakleen 70 Solvent Recovery. Blend recovered solvent with 30% virgin Rhodiasolv IRIS to produce ESTAKLEEN 70. More information in Estakleen System
  • Estakleen System
    Product Name Remarks Product information
    GRP tool cleaning system This product has been proven to provide an economically sound investment for any manufacturer using GRP technology, its initial financial outlay potentially recoverable within a matter of months. The design of the Estakleen System makes it straight forward to empty the used solvents into the accompanying drums for recovery by distillation, which produces approximately 80% recovery of product for re-use, making this operation extremely simple for the operative as well as being an effective way of maintaining long term tool life.The cleaning agent used, RHODIASOLV® IRIS, is a non-UN, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, non-VOC (volatile organic compound) and is harmless when in contact with skin and is totally non-toxic unlike any other previously existing GRP tool cleaning chemical. The work station itself also meets strict health and safety guide lines with its non slip stainless grid deck platform design, operative protection systems and sealed intrinsically safe components.
    Operative use Step 1: Fill Estakleen workstation with Rhodiasolv IRIS or Estakleen 70
    Step 2: Clean GRP Tools, rollers and brushes. Drain used solvent into waste drum which we will collect free of charge, therefore no waste on your premises.
    Step 3: Solvent Recovery. Blend recovered solvent with 30% virgin Rhodiasolv IRIS to produce ESTAKLEEN 70
    Workstations The new portable and light-weight polypropylene workstation has a non-stick surface, which is easy to clean. The unit comes in 25 litre, 50 litre or a 75 litre size. For use with Estakleen 70, the unit is fitted with a thermostatically controlled heated mat with a safety cut out.
    Standard workstations include the 2 Man, 4 Man and Mini with optional trolley, ESTAKLEEN™ workstations are built using 316 stainless steel [AISI 316 = 1.4401 = V4A Video