Gelcoat Solutions for premium performance

Euroresins International group offer you a big range of gelcoats and topcoats, standard to eco-friendly and mould care solutions with the highest performance and quality to make the difference between a perfectly smooth glossy surface and an imperfect one. The premium range of gelcoat covers all your spray and brush applications requirements. All gelcoats and topcoats are distinguished by good working properties such as de-airing, flow and wetting of the mould. Optimal thixotropic properties prevent running on vertical surfaces.

Standard Curox MEKP

Coloured Gelcoat and Topcoat service

Euroresins offers a service of coloured Gelcoats and Topcoats using Eurotinter technology across Europe, using equipment of high precision and with the highest degree of flexibility by offering a wide range of colours: RAL and special formulas adjusted to your specific needs. We offer a service with almost immediate availability of very accurate and consistent colours, in every desired amount, when and where necessary. This enables you to reduce stocks in your warehouse and increases the flexibility to schedule production. Gelcoats and topcoats are delivered pre-accelerated and ready for use once catalyst has been added. The Euroresins team will guide you in your decision and will provide all necessary assistance required to carry out the project successfully.