Core Materials & Surface Veils

Additional strength and stiffness of composite parts that is often demanded in application areas such as marine or building and construction can be achieved by adding a core material between two reinforcement layers. The greater the distance achieved by the core materials, the better the stiffness of the finished part. Euroresins offers a complete range of core materials for thin laminates which need to be impregnated with resins, as well as a range of core material foams for bigger laminates to suit individual customer requirements, such as flame, smoke and temperature requirements, impact resistance, chemical resistance and non-woven.

Euroresins is official distributor of Lantor B.V.; 60 years manufacturing company who has turned the knowledge of textile processing into a portfolio of highly specialized A-brand products, offering unique solutions in carefully selected market segments such as composites, cable and condensation solutions.

  • Core Material Non-Woven

    Only available in UK and Italy

    Name Description
    COREMAT® Xi An excellent choice for complex geometries. Blue resin indicator, easy impregnation with a resin uptake of only 600 g/m2 per mm thickness. Very good flexibility and softness during the processing. Available thickness 1.4-2-3-4 and 5 mm. pds
    COREMAT® XM Suitable for pre-wetting outside the mould due to its wet tensile strength. Reduced resin uptake of 500 g/m2 per mm thickness. Available thickness 2-3-4 and 10 mm. pds
    COREMAT® XM10 Designed to replace rigid materials such a foam, plywood or plastic cores.Good screw retention, without rot issues, flexible and easy processing. Available thickness 10 mm.
    SORIC® SF General purpose for thin laminates.The hexagonal pattern offers a reduced resin consumption. Available thicknesses 2 and 3 mm. pds
    SORIC® XF Suitable for thicker laminates. The channel pattern is designed to offer maximum but steady resin flow. Available thicknesses 2-3-4-5-6 and 10 mm. pds
    SORIC® LRC Used in thin-walled sandwich structures where flow is required but resin consumption is critical.Low resin consumption grade, the resin uptake is kept to a minimum, without a loss of flexibility. Available thicknes 1,5-2 and 3 mm. pds
    SORIC® TF Ideal for the most demanding cosmetic and surface requirements. Designed for use as a print blocking material, this grade does not have a honeycomb structure. Available thicknesses 1,5- 2-3 pds

    For further details on our core material products please visit our sister company Lantor at

  • Core Material Foams & Balsa
    Name Description
    AIREX® T10 PET foam suitable for sandwich structures subjected to high static or dynamic loads, high service and processing temperature. Extraordinary resistance to fatigue, UV-resistant and has negligible water absortion. Available density from 110-110 kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® T90 PET foam suitable for sandwich structures subjected to high static or dynamic loads, high service and processing temperatures, high FST requirements. Available density from 110-320 kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® T92 PET foam suitable for sandwich structures subjected to high static or dynamic loads, high service and processing temperatures. Available density from 60-320 kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® C70 PVC foam for any sandwich structure or panel subjected primarily to static and dynamic loads. Available density from 40 -250 kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® C71 PVC suitable for any sandwich structure or panel subjected to static and dynamic loads which are exposed to high temperatures during manufacturing or in service. Available density from 60 to 80 kg/m3 pds
    BALTEK® SBC Balsa Wood for Sandwich structures subjected to high static and dynamic loads, high temperatures or fire requirements. Available density from 94 to 247 kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® R63 A closed-cell, linear, thermoplastic foram suitable for sandwich structures subjected to high impact and shock loads. Available density from 60 to 140 kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® R82 Thermoplastic foam for sandwich structures with very high requirements regarding FST or service and processing temperatures. Applications requiring radar transparency.Available density from 60 to 110 kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® PXc Closed-cell, fiber reinforced urethane foam. Sandwich structures subjected to very high loads, high process or service temperature. Available density from 150 to 420 kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® PXw Closed-cell, fiber reinforced urethane foam ideally suited as a stand-alone panel replacing wood or plywood applications. Available density from 320 to 420kg/m3 pds
    AIREX® C51 A closed-cell, polymer foam with outstanding damage tolerance and formability. The elevated temperature resistance allows short processing cycles with fast curing resins. Suitable for automated closed mold processes such as RTM, GMT. Ideal for industrial, high-volume sandwich part production. Density 60 kg/m3 pds
  • Core Material PU Foams
    Name Description
    Polyurethane Foam Prime material usually used as insulation in hand lay composites cores and others good boyancy characteristics. Product range for different applications. Big range of densities.
  • Surface Veils
    Name Description
    FINISHMAT® D77 Veil surface suitable for closed mould processes. Excellent surface finish and effective protection from osmosis. Available thickness 0,30 – 0,40 mm pds
    FINISHMAT® 6691 Bond polyester veil suitable for continuous processes as filament winding and pultrusion. Good tensile properties for controlled processing. Creates a chemical barrier and surface finish. Available thickness 0,30 – 0,40 mm pds