Mould Preparation & Maintenance

Surface quality risk can be mitigated by the correct protection and preparation of the mould prior to its first layer of gelcoat. Euroresins group´s product range features release agents with unique properties in premium waxes and semi-permanents and effective sanding and polishing pastes to ensure the perfect surface on your mould or part to avoid surface imperfection which represent a considerable impairment for your business.

  • Mould Cleaners
    Product name Application Product Data Sheet
    Stoner/SPC-KantStik® Mould Cleaner A special blend of solvents designed to dissolve and remove most release agents and resin buildup from moulds without dulling the surface. KantStik® Mould Cleaner is ideal for preparing mould surfaces for any of our mould release agents. It is also excellent for cleaning brushes and equipment pds
    Chemlease® Mold Cleaner EZ Chemlease® Mold Cleaner EZ is a special blend of solvents designed to dissolve and remove wax and dirt from composite molds. Ideal for preparing composite mold surfaces for the application of Chemlease® Mold Sealers and Releases. Also excellent for cleaning brushes and equipment.
  • Mould Sealers
    Product name Application Product Data Sheet
    Stoner/SPC-KantStik®Sealer 1.0 The second generation polymeric coating designed to reduce surface area and impart a hard, new and chemically resistant barrier on tooling surfaces. New or reconditioned tooling surfaces have natural porosity and irregularities. To produce optimum surface luster, superior smoothness and reproduction on finished parts. It is used to seal and microscopic pores that exist throughout the tooling surface. pds
    Chemlease® 15 Sealer EZ Chemlease® 15 Sealer EZ is a high performance sealer developed to condition and seal mold surfaces, reduce mold porosity and act as a base for new or reconditioned molds.
  • Release agents


    Product name Application Product Data Sheet
    Stoner/SPC-Honey Wax® Is a unique , high gloss paste wax for use by composite fabricators as a mould release agent. It is an excellent and purest carnauba wax mould release agent providing reproducibility, glossiness, and non-staining, hard releasing film which are important to the fabricator. Creates a durable wax surface that remains intact for multiples pulls. pds
    Stoner/SPC-Honey Plus Wax® High gloss paste wax for use in open moulding by a composite fabricator that requires a wax mould release agent that can perform in both normal and high exortherm moulding temperatures. Easy to apply and the residual film is durable and resistant to abrasion. Available an economical version for general purpose. pds
    Stoner/SPC-Honey Plus Wax®100 Pure carnauba paste wax containing no silicones or fillers. It is designed for the composite fabricator who requires a very high quality paste wax mould release agent. It will readily accept PVA without fish-eyeing. Highly recommended when breaking in new moulds or plugs. pds
    Stoner/SPC-Honey Plus Wax®Liquid Mould release agent specifically formulated for use in the manufacture of reinforced fiberglass products using polyester resins. It removes old wax, styrene build-up, polymerized resin and other surface contaminants while forming a durable wax surface. pds
    Stoner/SPC-Honey Plus Wax®PCMR-PF4 Liquid release agent specifically formulated for FRP Pipe. This product can be applied by wiping, rolling or via spray equipment. It will not build up on the tool surface like a paste or slurry wax. This allows moulds to be kept in production longer between cleanings, thus saving valuables man-hours. pds


    Product name Application
    PVA Liquid solution of polyvinyl alcohol resin in mixture of water and industrial methylated spirits. Available clear or blue in both glossy and matt versions. They have been developed to give best results if spray applied but glossy versions can also be applied by sponge or soft brush. It can be applied over wax polish but the wax polish must be silicone free. Soluble in water.

    Semi Permanents

    Product name Application Product Data Sheet
    Stoner/SPC-KantStik® Cure Fast 1,0 With ONLY THREE APPLICATIONS COATS will effectively seal the pores on both new and reconditioned tooling also providing multiple releases when fabricating with thermoset resins. pds
    Stoner/SPC-KantStik® Indicator Release SC Unique semi-permanent releae agent that incorporates a visual indicator that hazes upon application. Provides multiple releases with accurate suface reproduction. It is semi-permanent and non-transferable; therefore, post-processing operations are unaffected by its use. pds
    Stoner/SPC-KantStik® Release N Is a transparent, amber colour, 100% active, soft gel product which can be further diluted to a spray consistency if desired. Highly effective external mould release agent formulated for flanges, edges, marble hats or other rough surfaces where gloss is not needed. pds
    Stoner/SPC-KantStik® SPC 1.0 The second generation ” Dry Film Lubrication Technology”, allowing multiple molding/release cycles between applications. Provides easy release with accurate surface reproduction and withstands high moulding temperature conditions in excess of 800ºF without deterioration. Is particularly useful for moulding thermoset resins, such as polyester, epoxy and phenolic resin composite materials. pds
    Chemlease® 75 EZ Chemlease® 75 EZ is a unique semi permanent mold release system developed specifically for the composites industry, for use where a high quality finish is required.
    Chemlease® 2185 Chemlease® 2185 is a semi permanent, roomtemperature curing release agent, effective for composites including polyester molding. It gives easy, multiple releases and does not require an extended cure. It is a ready-to-use liquid dispersion.
    Chemlease® PMR-90 EZ Chemlease® PMR-90 EZ is a rapid curing semipermanent mold release agent that provides multiple releases with minimal transfer to the molded part. Chemlease® PMR-90 EZ is the highest slip version of the Chemlease® PMR family; primarily for closed molding of abrasive or low draft parts.
  • Polishing Compounds Farecla
    Product name Characteristic Product Data Sheet
    Farecla Profile Extra Coarse Maximum cut from P600. Surface and gloss improvement and surface repair. For moulds and finished parts pds
    Farecla Profile Select Liquid Compound Coarse cut from P800. Run at high speed, excellent gloss and surface repair. For moulds and finished parts application. pds
    Farecla Profile Premium Liquid Compound Fast cut from P1000. High Gloss finish, fast results using less product, defect removal. Applications: plug or master, Moulds and finished parts . pds
    Farecla Profile Finish Liquid Compound Light Cut from P1500. Ultra fine finishing compound for the ultimate gloss. Ideal for removing swirl marks, holograms and haze. Suitable for all surfaces including lacquered wood.Applications: plug or master, Moulds and finished parts . pds
    Farecla Profile Polymer Wax Long lasting UV Protection. Quick and easy to use, high gloss finish. Resist dying out and can be applied in most conditions in finished parts. pds
  • Mops and Buffing pads Farecla
    Product name Description
    Farecla GMW801 G Mop 8” Twisted Wool Compounding – Single Sided Pad
    Farecla GMW806 G Mop 8” Twisted Wool Compounding – Double Sided Pad
    Farecla GML801 G Mop 8” Lambs Wool Pad
    Farecla GMF801 G Mop 8” Finishing Foam
    Farecla GMB814 G Mop Flexible Back Plate for 8” Pads – 14mm thread
    Farecla GMB858 G Mop Flexible Back Plate for 8” Pads – 5/8” thread
    Farecla GMB816 G Mop Flexible Back Plate for 8” Pads – 16mm thread
    Farecla GMA014 G Mop Bolt Adaptor for Double Sided Pads – 14mm thread
    Farecla GMA058 G Mop Bolt Adaptor for Double Sided Pads – 5/8” thread
    Farecla GMA016 G Mop Bolt Adaptor for Double Sided Pads – 16mm thread