The manufacture of a model is crucial in the subsequent development of the mould that will replicate every day the pieces that we want to manufacture. Products that help us to process with comfort and that provide an optimal result is essential to succeess. Euroresins group distributes the range of products of Hawkeye® Industries, which offers a wide range of products and solutions for the manufacture of models and repair of moulds in small parts as well as in large areas.

  • Pattern products
    Products Description Product Data Sheet
    Duratec® Polyester Sealer Transparent polyester base sealer for sealing different types of materials such as lacquers, polyester and vinyl ester resins, various epoxies and a wide variety of substrates.  (PDS)
    Duratec® Polyester Base Primer Putty for correction of large volume defects on substrates made with composites, wood, DM, plaster, mud or GRP. (PDS)
    Duratec® Polyester Surfacing Primer Polyester base product used as an intermediate or finishing product in models, also used as a repairer of the gelcoat layer of molds. Application after Duratec® Polyester Sealer or Base primer. It can also be used on porous substrates such as wood, foam, etc. (Black) (Dark Grey)
    Duratec® Polyester Hi Gloss Coating Polyester base finish product with high gloss and hardness. Free of waxes. In combination with the Duratec® Polyester Surfacing Primer you get a result with a great surface finish. (White) (Black)
    Duratec® Vinyl Ester Hi-gloss Topcoat Vinilester base finishing product of high brightness and hardness. In combination with the Duratec® Polyester Surfacing Primer you get a result with a higher degree of fini (PDS)
    Duratec® Vinyl Ester Mold Repair Putty Repairing putty base vinilester for small damages on the surface of molds and models (PDS)
    Duratec® Thinner 39 Lac-1 Special mixture of solvents to adjust the viscosity of Hawkeye products according to the application (PDS)
    Duratec® Sunshiled Clear Polyester Topcoat Novelty polyester base product with very high transparency for carbon finishes, against mold or after-lacquer type application. High resistance to bad weather conditions (PDS)
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Mould making

The preparation of the perfect mould is the crucial start for every high quality GRP part. Resistance to styrene and temperature, high mechanical properties, the right gloss rate as well as dimensional accuracy are key elements when selecting a reliable tooling system.

The process consists of:
Mould preparation
Vinylester Tooling Gelcoats
Barrier coat resin
Skin coat resins
Laminating resins for mould production
One curing agent for the entire system: Curox M 312 peroxide