Reinforcement Materials

Light weight, chemical inertia and high mechanical properties in the correct orientation are the key elements when selecting reinforcement materials for demanding application. Euroresins International Group offers a wide range of premium quality reinforcements: CSM, Spray-Up rovings, Direct rovings, Woven rovings, Continuous filament mats and Non-Crimp Fabrics.

  • Veils
    Product Name Remarks
    E Glass Veil General HLU or infusion suitable for UP, VE and Epoxy resins. Density WR 30, 50 or 80 g/m2
    C Glass Veil General HLU or infusion suitable for UP, VE and Epoxy resins. Density WR 27 or 40 g/m2
    Polyester Veil Filament winding Polyester veill suitable for UP and VE resins. Density WR 19 gr/m2
    Acylic Veil General HLU or infusion acrylic veil suitable for UP and VE resins. Density WR 65 gr/m2
  • Rovings
    Product Name Remarks
    Direct Roving Compatible with multiple resin systems, Complete and fast wet-out, good mechanical properties, Good processing properties. Text 300-9600
    Spray-up Roving Excellent chop-ability, excellent dispersion, excellent mechanical and good hydrolysis resistance property of the finished product, excellent static control, excellent strength of finished composite products, fast and complete wet out ensuring easy roll-out and optimum air release. Tex 2400 and 4800
    Roving Consistent and uniform laydown, excellent chop-ability, Excellent mechanical properties of the finished composite product, excellent wet-out, excellent wet-through, good resin refractive match, low fuzz, low static, superior dispersion even under low tension. Tex 2400 and 4800 tex.
    SMC Roving Complete strand wet-out, excellent chop-ability, excellent static control, fast and high sizing styrene solubility, outstanding colour consistency and UV resistance, outstanding pigmentability and fibre whiteness, smooth, shiny surface in finished moulded parts. Tex 2400 and 4800.
    Chopped strands Excellent flow ability, excellent mechanical properties, good dispersion, good mechanical properties, good processing properties, low fuzz, low static, low viscosity.
  • Chopped Strand Mats
    Product Name Remarks
    Emulsion Mats General HLU suitable for UP and VE resins . Lloyds & DNV approvals
    Powder Mats Chemical resistance, translucent HLU. Suitable for UP, VE and Epoxy resins . Lloyds & DNV approvals
  • Woven Roving
    Product Name Remarks
    EWR 290,300,400,600 and 800 Complete and fast wet-out, Easy handling, Good mechanical properties, good mould-ability, high productivity, high strength of parts, uniform tension. Lloyds appoval
  • Combination Mats
    Product Name Remarks
    Standard Woven Roving/CSM Complex For general application HLU or Infusion E-glass. Density WR 300-500-600-800 g/m2. Lloyds approval
  • Non-Crimp Fabrics
    Product Name Remarks
    Multiaxial Fabrics Uni-directional, Bi-Diagonal, Biaxial, Triaxial and Quadriaxial E-glass with different fiber orientation. CSM optional.
    Carbon / Aramid Fabrics Uni-directional and carbon and aramid fibermaterial available in diferent fiber orientation.
    Flow Materials CSM E-Glass with a PP Core. Different styles, grammages and widths ara available on request.