Euroresins International Group is an experienced partner within the composite market. We work with major UPR (unsaturated polyester resin) manufacturers in Europe andĀ  Asia to provide products for every application process such as hand lay-up and spray-up, pultrusion, Infusion and RTM, casting, chemical resistance, filament winding, gelcoats and pigment paste resins.

We have developed also our own portfolio; this brand designates a variety of unsaturated polyester resins developed by Euroresins International. These resins are specially engineered to meet the most diverse needs of fibreglass reinforced plasticĀ  moulding industry. Our R & D is geared to tailor ESI Resin for the customers’ most specific end application. In fact we take pride in suitably formulating the resin to improve your production efficiency as also the field performance of the FRP product.

Hand lay-up / Spray-up

Chemical Resistance

Infusion / RTM


Casting resins

Tooling Resin

Putty Resin


Filament Winding